Definisi Wh- Question / Kind of questions

Information Question (Wh-question dan How) Adalah pertanyaan yang menanyakan informasi dengan menggunakan Question Words (kata tanya). Sering disebut dengan Wh-question karena semua kata tanya diawali dengan Wh-, kecuali How. Yang termasuk Question Words (QW) adalah: What, Who, Whom, Whose, Why, Where, When, Which dan How.

Pola umum:

QW + aux + S + verb + Object/Complement ?


Macam-macam Wh- Question

  1. What (apa)
    Menanyakan nama benda, nama orang atau jenis profesi.
    ~ What is that? That is an apple.
    ~ What are you? I am a soldier.
    ~ What is your name? My name is Ivanka.


  1. Who (siapa)
    Menanyakan orang sebagai pelaku/subject.
    Memiliki rumus khusus:
    Who + verb + O ? atau Who + to be + S ?
    ~ Who are you? I am Joko Pinurbo.
    ~ Who writes the letter? Martin does.
    ~ Who is very beautiful? Agnes Monica is very beautiful.


  1. Whom (siapa)
    Menanyakan orang sebagai object.
    Whom do you meet? I meet Inul Daratista.
    Whom is she looking for? She is looking for Brian Safina.



  1. Whose (milik siapa)
    Menanyakan pemilik suatu benda.
    ~ Whose bag is this? This is my bag.
    ~ Whose sister is the girl? She is my sister.


  1. Why (mengapa)
    Menanyakan alasan atau penyebab terjadinya sesuatu.
    ~ Why do you come late? Because I missed the bus this morning.
    ~ Why is Mrs. Julia very healthy? Because she does sport every morning.
    ~ Why do you love me? Because you are very rich.


  1. Where (di mana)
    Menanyakan tempat.
    ~ Where does Alicia study? She studies in SMPN 03 Wonogiri.
    ~ Where do you go every day? I go to school every day.
    ~ Where is the library? The library is beside the hall.


  1. When (kapan)
    Menanyakan waktu.
    ~ When does Alfian get up? He gets up at five o’clock every morning.
    ~ When did you go to Eromoko? I go to Eromoko last week.
    ~ When do you go to school? I go to school at 06.30.


  1. Which (yang mana)
    Menanyakann pilihan.
    ~ Which is your car? My car is the red one.
    ~ Which is his sister? His sister is the girl in blue jacket.




  1. How (bagaimana)
    Menanyakan kondisi atau keadaan.
    ~ How are you? I’m fine. Thanks.
    ~ How is Reyna’s school? Her school is large and clean.


  1. How many (berapa banyak)
    Menanyakan jumlah (jika yang ditanyakan berupa countable nouns/kata benda yang bisa dihitung).
    ~ How many students are there in the class? There are forty students.
    ~ How many brother do you have? I have three brothers.


  1. How much (berapa banyak)
    Menanyakan jumlah (jika yang ditanyakan berupa uncountable nouns/kata benda yang tak bisa dihitung).
    ~ How much money does it cost? It costs one thousand rupiah.
    ~ How much sugar do you want? A spoon of sugar, please.


  1. How often (berapa sering)
    Menanyakan seberapa sering orang melakukan sesuatu.
    ~ How often does Anita go to Malaysia? She goes to Malaysia twice a week.
    ~ How often do you speak to your father? I speak to him every day.
    Bisa juga menggunakan How many times.
    How many times do you eat? I eat three times a day.


  1. How far (berapa jauh)
    Menanyakan jarak suatu tempat dengan tempat lainnya.
    ~ How far is this school from your house? It’s about 5 kilometers.


  1. How old (berapa umur/usia)
    Menanyakan usia seseorang.
    ~ How old are you? I am 20 years old.
    ~ How old is Mrs. Riana? She is 37 years old.


  1. How long (berapa lama)
    Menanyakan lama waktu.
    ~ How long have you lived in Jogja? I have lived in Jogja for Five years.


  1. How deep (berapa dalam)
    ~ How deep is the river? It’s about five meters.
    ~ How deep can he dive? He can dive 20 meters deep.


  1. How tall (berapa tinggi)
    Menanyakan tinggi orang.
    ~ How tall are you? I am 165 cm tall.
    ~ How tall is Mr. Jack? He is 189 cm tall.


  1. How high (berapa tinggi)
    Menanyakan tinggi suatu benda.
    ~ How high is the mountain? It’s about 3686 meters high.
    ~ How high is the tree? It’s about 4 meters high.