a. Ketika saudara mengubah kalimat langsung menjadi kalimat tak langsung

b. berikan 10 contoh kalimat langsung yang diubah menjadi kalimat tak langsung.


1. John said to me,”I will buy a new car next week.

   John said to me that he would buy a new car the following week.

2. Budi says, “I go to school everyday”

   Budi says that he goes to work everyday

3. Dini says “I have no money”

   Dini that she has no money

4. Susu will say “They are studying hard”
   Susi will say that they are studying hard

5. She had said “I will come with him”

   She had said that he will come with him

6. : She says “I shall be studying at eight o’clock tonight”
     She said that she will be studying at eight o’clock tonight

7. They had said “we was happy in that day”
   they had said that they was happy in that day

8. Gogon will say “I have taken a bath”
:   Gogon will say that he has taken a bath

9. Joko said “I help my father after school”
   Joko said that he helped his father after school

10. Siti said “I will be a doctor next year”
   Siti said that she would be a doctor the following year